Visionary Pursuits

The Problem

"There's something you've always wanted to do, but you haven't done it."

That's it! Plain and simple. If you're reading this, you live with that aching feeling that you aren't living up to your full potential. You may already know what it is... that book you've meant to write or that career change you've wanted to make. Or you may have no idea what your goal is other than a nagging feeling that you aren't accomplishing it. Regardless, this book will help you find, define, and pursue your vision, whatever it be.

So what's getting in the way? There are many excuses. Here are just a few things that might be keeping you from reaching your potential:

Let's go into these a little further, as they are all representative of a greater problem... poor investment of your time. In the end, time is the only asset we have. When we go to work, we trade our time for dollars. Then we use those dollars to buy the things we want and need. So in the end, it all goes back to where we choose to spend our time.

Television - This is probably one of the most nefarious problems in the U.S. Recent research shows that the average adult in the United States watches 27 hours of TV a week. And yet most people go to bed more tired than they were when they got home and sat down in front of the 'boob tube'. If everyone in the country cut out just one hour a week, we would generate a full 43,500 YEARS of productivity EVERY WEEK. What could be done during that time? What diseases could be cured? What new inventions could be created? What new works of art, or literature? How much healthier would we all be?

Electronic Gadgets - Do you find yourself constantly checking your e-mail? How much time do you spend twittering or on Facebook? A recent study showed that the average teen spends 8 ½ hours each day on social media? That's each day. More than most of us spend at work. Is it somehow making their lives better? Well I don't think it takes a study to prove that today's kids are heavier and less socially capable than any other generation. They are the first generation in the history of this country to have a lower life expectancy than their parents. Why?

Sports - Have you ever found yourself yelling "we won, we won!" and dancing around the living room? Or coming to work sullen the next day and declaring to your co-workers that you lost last night? Have you ever taken the time to realize that you neither won nor lost? You didn't actually contribute anything to that game? I know this is hard to hear for sports fans, but many become so fanatical that they let the success or lack thereof of a professional paid team affect their personal lives.

Living Life on Auto-Pilot - In other words, you have no plan or direction. You're just living day-to-day and letting the tide take you where it may.

Wasting Your Potential - This is really what it all comes down to. Very few of us live up to 100% of what we are capable of. Ask yourself right now, "What percent of my capabilities am I currently using?" Be honest. The answer might shock you.