Visionary Pursuits

Problem Attitudes

There are 3 basic attitudes that prevent people from achieving their goals.

Luck - These people are hard to spot. They are the ones who buy a lottery ticket every week. They are the ones who hear about someone's success and instantly respond, "She's so lucky!" What these people aren't remembering is that luck is a simple formula.

luck = opportunity + preparation

If you start paying attention, you will begin to see that there is very little 'luck' in the world. Those who are the most successful are simply those who are most prepared. It's funny... the harder people work, the luckier they are!

What would happen if that person who bought a lottery ticket every day, hoping on 'luck' simply put that money into a stable, interest bearing account. That $5 a day, put into a 3% interest account would yield about $90,000 after 30 years. Certainly you could do a lot more with $90,000 than you could with those little scraps of paper. What would you do with that money?

Laziness - These people are easy to spot as well. They are the ones who begin most sentences with "Someday I'm going to..." Listening to them is frustrating, though, because they talk a lot and do very little. These people tend to overwhelm themselves with big dreams, but little actual planning takes place to make those dreams come true.

Fear - These people are the hardest to spot because they don't often talk about what they want. They let fear control their lives and always think about the negatives of what could happen. They are obsessed with minimizing risk and often have strong anxiety.

But fear comes in many different flavors:

Surely Fear of Failure is the most well known. How many people never start to pursue their dream because they have fear that they won't make it? They fear looking silly around their friends and having people look down on them because they didn't succeed.

Fear of Challenges is basically the fear that you won't be able to handle the problems as they come. These people actually start things, but never finish, because they don't feel they are up to the challenges. As Zig Ziglar says, though, "You can't climb a mountain that is completely smooth." You need the cracks and crevices; the ups and downs, or you'd never have anywhere to get a footing. The most successful people will tell you that it was the adversity that truly made them what they are today.

The most nefarious of all these, and one you may never even have considered, is the Fear of Success. Some people have great ideas but never pursue them because they're afraid of the positive results. This may sound ridiculous, but it is a real, and serious fear. Usually the source of this is a deep-seated feeling of inadequacy. These people don't feel they 'deserve' that kind of success. They simply cannot envision themselves being that happy. Sometimes the only way to get past this fear is through serious and long-term professional help. If you're dealing with this kind of fear, I encourage you to reach out to a good therapist to find out why you're dealing with these emotions. It's a hard first-step to take, but you'll feel so much better in the long run.

Do you fit into one of these categories? If so, this book was written just for you. The following chapters will show you how to break out of those paradigms and discover a productive and powerful new you.