Visionary Pursuits

Exercise 1 - Idea Generation

The following questions will help get you started on idea generation. Move quickly. The point isn't to create the perfect idea, but just to start getting ideas out. We will refine the list and pare it down to a single vision later. So don't spend a lot of time on each answer. Feel free to be obscure, random, etc. Just make sure you fill in every item.

  1. If you die with an extra $100M dollars, what will your foundation do? Start here:
    The _____(your name)_______ Foundation was established to _____________.
  2. What is the title of the book you haven't yet written?
  3. What not-yet-existing product or service could you really use right now?
  4. What thing have you always dreamed of owning but never thought you'd have the means?
  5. What word describes how you'd feel if you never had to pay bills again?
  6. What place on (or off) the planet have you always dreamed of going to but never visited?
  7. What are you really good at that very few people know about?