Success At Any Age

College after retirement

Jack Slotnick - Age 84

Despite being two decades past official retirement age, Jack Slotnick is going back to school to get a BA in Psychology. After that he plans on pursuing his master's degree. This World War II veteran earned a Purple Heart during his term of service, but never a college degree.

Now he's a sophomore at Lynn University in Florida. "I felt like something was missing," he explains. Rather than sitting around a retirement community and sipping tea, he's staying busy and pursuing a vision he always dreamed of.

He's older, he's active, and he's making good use of his mind and his body. History is his best subject, because he lived through what they're studying in the books. He also spends time on the basketball court with the college team. Many people believe Jack has found the fountain of youth. "I'm having the best time of my life."