Success At Any Age

8 year old software developer8 year old inventor Joseph Hudicka

Joseph Hudicka may only be 8 years old, but he's already done something normally reserved for the tech elite. He's written two popular iPhone games. His first app, Puckz, is based on a boardgame he developed 3 years earlier combining chess and ice hockey. "I was getting bored with my other games and wanted to make my own." True to any creator, he's already dissatisfied with the result. "I imagined Puckz in 3-D."

Another astounding achievment is that the game passed Apple's quality control in just 1 day. His second game Goalz, a soccer themed sequel, took a little longer to get approval due to trademark isues, but was finally released in June. Part of his success has been the support of his parents, who helped him move his dream from board game to iPhone.

The young entrepreneur has always had an eye for business. He once tried to sell his family seashells while they were on vacation at the ocean. His next goal? To become a professional hockey player or bowler.