Success At Any Age

Vision with HeartDarrell West

At age 53, Darrell West is easily the most loving man I know. His genuine caring for every person he encounters is obvious from the moment you meet him. He is a big man, with an even bigger heart. He constantly encourages and uplifts everyone around him.

When I first met Darrell I was new to my current church. I had just moved to a new town and didn't know a person. I showed up for a men's Bible study because I was looking for a place to get involved and make friends. I hadn't even made it through the door when Darrell barreled up to me, hugged me, and welcomed me in. Now he's a big man... REALLY big... but as tender as a lamb.

As I got to know Darrell and he got to know me, I shared with him my vision to be a motivational speaker. Without even asking, that night at Bible study he asked the entire group to pray over me and bless my career. That's the kind of guy Darrell is. He supports without judgement. If you believe in a goal, he's instantly there 100%.

This causes all those around him to support him in the same way. So when he came to us one night with tears in his eyes and told us God had given him a vision, no one questioned it. He told us of a plan to unite the men of the Antelope Valley in support and love. He wanted to create a non-denominational challenge day where all the area men would come together to challenge and help each other. He wanted to create a giant cadre of men who could be summoned in a instant, through modern technology such as e-mail and twitter, to help out when needed.

Darrell has worked tirelessly since his vision. He's held weekly progress meetings, getting buy-in from an ever growing group of supporters. He personally visited every church in the Valley to explain to them what he wanted to do and ask for their involvement. He took on way more than he possibly could in order to make sure things happened. It's rare to see someone so involved in pursuing a goal.

I just found out tonight that Darrell died last week of an undetected internal injury from a recent fall. Tomorrow we will hold the rally that he has put every bit of himself into organizing for the last year. He had a vision SO clear and wanted so strongly to help and encourage others. I can't wait to see his vision fulfilled.