Success At Any Age

Say No to Wallstreet

At age 23, Michael Mothner was destined for success. He'd just finished school at Dartmouth and was a finalist for a coveted job at Goldman Sachs in New York. In his final interview, the managing director of the company noticed a work item on his resume for a company called Wpromote. Trying to call his bluff, the director asked him why he would want to work for Goldman Sachs if the company he had created as a sophomore in college was so successful. Rather than try to worm his way out of the question, Mothner contemplated it slowly and finally stood up. "You know what? you're right. I don't think this job is for me."(Entrepreneur, Sept. 2010) He walked out of the interview.

He took his self-run company, which had to that point been helping websites submit to search engines, and turned it into a search optimization company at a time when Google was just getting started. Now the company has revenues of over 13 Million dollars! But it took that leap of faith for him to walk out on the dream interview. He's not just helping himself, though. He now employs 62 people in his El Segundo office.