Success At Any Age

Out of the Closet

Susan Gregg was 17 when she ran into her genius idea. She was going off to college and had a closet full of vintage clothes and shoes she needed to get rid of. Like most kids her age, rather than going to Goodwill, she first thought of the internet.

She created the website Modcloth with her boyfriend and started immediately liquidating all her old clothing. Then demand increased. During college she had to find more and more clothing to sell, and eventually had to contract designers to create whole lines of fashion for her.

The website is now very interactive, allowing users to vote on new clothing lines and name individual pieces. For her, the 'community' aspect of the site was natural, since she had grown up with a Facebook account. It was an ideal fit.

Revenues now surpass $50 Million, and the company is about to open new offices in Los Angeles and San Francisco. She now employees almost 150 people, based off of what was originally just an idea to get rid of her junk.