Rick Chatham -- Pursue Your Vision and Achieve More than Motivation.


Pursue Your Vision

If you need help finding and/or purusing things that will make you happiest in life, this book is for you. Learn how to develop your vision from dream to reality. Some ideas include: writing a book, starting a business, financial independence, getting a job you love, inventing, creating a good life for your children/grandchildren, creating a new ministry, etc.

This stand-alone seminar is ideal for getting the wheels of creative action moving. Participants receive a workbook and are lead through the first several steps of creating and enacting their success vision. Attendees will leave not only fired-up, but well-along in the "make it happen" process.


Success At Any Age

No longer do you have the excuse "I'm too young" or "I'm too old". This seminar consists of profiles of successful people ages 8 to 80. It is shorter in length and is great for a keynote address or inspirational talk within a broader agenda.

Rick Chatham

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