Life Lessons

Say Yes to Life

Maybe it's just me, but it seems like every so often, things just don't go as you plan them. In fact, I have a word for that: LIFE! That's the whole point... how boring would things be if we knew right now what would happen 20 years from now and we could perfectly plan everything?

Or what about even a day? I can wake up tomorrow morning and say to the day, "Day, this exactly what is going to happen... I'm going to do this and that errand, I have an appointment at noon, I'll eat lunch after that, then go to the play, and be in bed at 10pm". But you know what? As many times as I've tried that, invariably the day has worked out differently than I planned. I might run into a friend and decide to have lunch with them and that throws my whole schedule off. I don't make it to the store maybe. But does that mean that having lunch was a bad thing? Of course not! I might get a chance to reconnect with someone I hadn't seen in years.

If we can't even control a single day, how can we control major life stages such as a career, mate, kids. We can't! We can direct life in the way we hope to have it go, but there could always be an unexpected firing, the perfect mate showing up when you "aren't ready", or an 'accidental' child who can turn into a major blessing. I'm not saying that you shouldn't have plans in life. Having a focus is GREAT! But just be willing to flexible because something even better might come along.

Sometimes LIFE is better than your PLAN. Be open to LIFE!