Life Lessons

5 Things You Like About You

This lesson was inspired by a girlfriend I once had, who had the most horrible self-esteem. She was absolutely gorgeous, but she had the habit of constantly picking out the most minor flaws and focusing on them. So I had her do this, and it really made a difference:

Go look in the mirror and pick out 5 things you really like about yourself. If you want to go all out, this exercise is done best when you're completely naked so you can't hide behind anything. Make the 5 things as specific as possible. Things like:

Just finding 5 things that you like about yourself might be a transforming experience for you. Once you've picked those 5 things out, really uplift them. Accentuate them. If you like your toes, wear sandles. If you like your belly-button, wear a short shirt. If you think you have strong arms (men), wear a shirt with cutoff sleeves. The point is that once you start focusing on your good parts, you will start feeling better. And then other parts will start to catch up: weight, muscle tone, etc. You're never going to be able to sculpt your body until you love it. So learn to love it, one part at a time.