Life Lessons

Saying Thank You

It's such a little phrase, and yet it can mean so much to people. Just as a general rule, always try to say thank you for things, even if they're things that you get every day. There is always room for extra politeness and appreciation in this world.

Here's a really great way to add good karma, and it only takes 3 minutes a day.

Go to the store and get a pack of blank notecards. I prefer to get Crane cards because they're considered very classy, but anything should do. Then put them on your desk or somewhere where you are most the day. Once a day, grab a notecard and write a quick thank you note to someone. There is ALWAYS someone to thank...a teacher, a friend, or how about a company that gave you really good service? Do you know what that would do? So many companies only hear about the bad things their employees do. Why not write to that restaurant you were at last weekend and let them know you appreciated the extra attentive service.

There's something very cathartic about doing this. Maybe it has to do with tying up loose ends. And from a purely selfish side, you'll probably end up getting something out of it. People appreciate positive praise. You might get a bigger birthday present, or that friend might write you a nice note back, or maybe that restaurant will send you a coupon for a free appetizer. That shouldn't be the reason you do it, buy hey, when you live a balanced life, shouldn't you get back the positive energy you invest? You will