Life Lessons

Ebb and Flow

Life is fluid and dynamic. It isn't a static entity that we can force into a certain shape. We can direct it and mold it, but only if we are willing to work along its line instead of our own.

This has been probably the biggest lesson I've learned in my own life this year. Both a long-term physical ailment and a really tough relationship have taught me that I can't control a lot of what happens to me. Heck, contrary to popular statement, sometimes I can't even control my reaction to those things. Pain, anger, frustration, hurt, deep sadness. All those things have tossed me around. I've had to stop doing a lot of the things I love and have had to, for the first time in my life, go without any female companionship for a long period of time. But in my own life I'm seeing the ebb and flow. Rather than fighting it and trying to hold onto a relationship that isn't there, I've looked at the positive side. While breaking up with someone very special to me might hurt and be terribly sad, it has allowed me to have time to pursue other dreams. I never would have created a Christmas Album this year if I had still been in a relationship. I never would have even bought the equipment.

I, just like you, am faced with two choices. I can resist what is inevitably going to happen, or I can ride with the current and let it take me some place I've never been. Now don't get me wrong. I'm certainly not encouraging anyone to throw in the towel. There's definitely something to be said for choosing your battles. I don't think you should have a defeatest, give-up attitude. But butting up against the same wall isn't healthy either, and that's exactly what I was doing. I was trying to force a relationship that just wasn't ready yet. It doesn't mean I sit around feeling sorry for myself, or even that I give up entirely on that relationship. It just means that we should all be open to new directions that might be more productive.

So I encourage you to examine your own life. What is important to you? Are you pursuing the same avenue that you always have to achieve it, and not getting anywhere? Maybe it's time to step back and take a breather and see where life is directing you. Maybe God has closed one door to point you to another down the road. Rather than fight it, direct your energy toward it, and see how far the current takes you. Rowing upstream will never get you anywhere. Rowing downstream will get you somewhere twice as fast.